Dear Guest of POZİTİFKÖY,
Welcome to POZİTİFKÖY. We would like to thank you for choosing to be with us this season. We hope you will leave here absolutely glad to have come in the first place; and as a permanent member of the POZİTİFKÖY family.

We kindly ask you to read the information below where we briefly explain how POZİTİFKÖY works, and we thank you for your cooperation.

What is POZİTİFKÖY? What is it not?
POZİTİFKÖY is not a luxury hotel or holiday village. Consistent with its concept of a self-sufficient mini ecosystem, it does not offer the “all-inclusive” system found in luxury hotels. Instead, it offers three meals a day that helps you keep a balanced and healthy diet. We avoid using processed products and artificial sweeteners in our food.

The water in POZİTİFKÖY comes from 93 meters below the surface, and is put to your use after special filtering. We kindly ask you to use it carefully without wasting.

The electricity in POZİTİFKÖY is generated using eco-friendly solar panels. We again kindly ask you to use this limited resource carefully without wasting. Please turn of any light or unplug any electrical device that is not actively used.

POZİTİFKÖY is a frequent destination for children and young people. In order to set a good example to them, POZİTİFKÖY is declared a smoke-free zone. Smoking is not allowed on the premises of the village. Alcohol use is prohibited for the same reason. As you are aware by now, POZİTİFKÖY aims to create an environment for physical, mental, and digital detox.

You stay in nomad tents called “Yurt” that are made of goat hair. You step on earth right after you leave the Yurt. You can encounter wildlife including squirrels, rabbits, tortoises and foxes right outside the fences that surround POZİTİFKÖY. Please show utmost respect to them.

We hope you will have a great time enriching yourselves, your children, and your environment while making memories with us. For these purposes, we would like to remind you of the simple rules of POZİTİFKÖY once more.

Make a reservation before coming.
Protect the nature.
Show respect to human and animal rights.
Be quiet, avoid noise.
Refrain from starting a camp fire on your own.
Refrain from smoking and alcohol use inside the facility.
Avoid waste, consume consciously.
Strive to make the world a more habitable place.
Spread kindness.

On behalf of the POZİTİFKÖY team,


Rezervasyon İçin: +90 531 721 33 40

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