You can learn about someone by seeing what objects they have sitting in front of them all day. Some offices may have rules about your background, but if yours allows for some personalization, consider that. Pizzica has had plenty of conversations with fellow team members that started because of something she or they noticed about their background. At Atlassian, we also encourage team members to create their own Learning Circles. These are groups of employees that gather monthly to discuss a work topic they’d like to better understand. Let’s say you heard a coworker Megan mention in the all-staff meeting that she was late because she was putting her kindergarten son on the school bus for the first time.

Ways to Make Work Friends When Working Remotely

Begin meetings with a, “Today I…” or “I just ate a…” to bring to mind that you’re all human first, and remote workers, second. Grab virtual coffee as a social get-together idea, or, like I wrote above, have your lunch at 1pm your time with a colleague in an international office who’s just starting her day. Today I started a new Slack channel in my organization to give kudos to other coworkers who do something great. I hope others see this idea and spread positivity to their companies. Instead, most of the engagements you have with people at work are scheduled. With that said, the researchers also found that some team members were able to find ways around the challenge of remoteness to develop not only positive working relationships but also friendships as well.

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If you weren’t sure how to make friends when you work from home, your baby or fur baby might be the answer you were looking for. Making friends in your 20s, 30s, 40s, and beyond isn’t an easy task, but as long as you don’t expect any miracles and stick to these tips, you should find a person with common interests. Even if it gets you out of the house, it’s a step in the right direction. To make friends with your colleagues, you’re going to need to let your guard down a little bit. You don’t need to share deep secrets, but you should try to make interactions about more than just work. Just because there’s no seltzer dispenser to gossip around, no cafeteria to gather in, or no office to go to, doesn’t mean you can’t make friends with your colleagues.

How to Stay Connected While Working Remotely

For example, the 10-person distributed company Lawyerist regularly holds “Taco Tuesday” lunches in which team members order tacos from their local restaurant and join in a video call to share lunch together. The tacos are optional, but anyone who comes how to make friends when you work from home and shows their tacos gets the cost of the meal covered by the company. For a remote team to be successful, team managers need to make sure everyone is equipped with all the tools they need to succeed and improve their remote collaboration.

So even if you’ve suffered from burnout or loneliness, make yourself the harbinger of good things to come. Although children are a handful and can take up a ton of your time, they’re a great way for you to meet other parents. Whether you’re going to a scheduled mass play date or attending your kid’s sporting events, you can chat with other parents. At the very least, you have something in common as an icebreaker. Nothing says that you need to go out into the real world necessarily to learn how to make friends when you work from home. Sometimes, it’s the easiest and most obvious things that work better than others.

Share more of yourself

But if you’re the new guy or gal on staff, a remote workplace might seem challenging at first. You can’t rely on the convenience of casual office interactions to help you develop relationships with co-workers. We have advice on making remote work friends when chatting in the kitchen or stopping by someone’s cubicle is out of the question. Now that you have stopped talking about work, start sharing stories. According to a meta-analysis (which combines data from multiple studies), people like people who disclose details about themselves.

Need to check your grammar to prevent embarrassing typos when you’re sending a company-wide email? If you’re in touch with your company’s head of culture or HR lead, propose a company-wide talent show that can be scheduled over Zoom. To hold a virtual cooking competition at work, set some rules, like a theme, or a challenge (“Ingredients must cost less than $20” could be an idea). Start a Slack or Teams channel (or recurring email) for milestones in employees’ lives, like engagements, weddings, babies and accomplishments. Put time on the calendar for having lunch over video with a coworker who used to be your lunch buddy, or, grab some time with a colleague across the country, or across the ocean. Well, it might be far away, depending on how far you are from said office, but it doesn’t mean the chit-chat is dead.

Resume assessments and writing, LinkedIn profile enhancement, and cover letter writing are available to maximize the success of your remote job applications. Discounts on all services available to subscription members, become one now. Even if you don’t make lifelong friends, you’re at least giving yourself the chance to be active and happy through work-life balance. Maybe the most important takeaway for how to make friends working from home is that it has to coincide with your own interests and work life. That is to say, the best way to socialize might just be by involving others in your work-life balance. You should firmly believe that you’re the biggest advocate of your own happiness and urge to make friends.

Ways to Make Work Friends When Working Remotely